Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Who are we?

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) are a group of appointed patients, established in 2006, who meet regularly to discuss issues relating to the work of Cedars Medical Centre. We are a voluntary, independent body, arising as a result of a national initiative.

Why a PPG?

The purpose of the Patient Participation Group for the Cedars Practice is to represent the views of patients regarding the existing medical services provided, support their enhancement and to advise on the nature of new services that could be located in the community.

Any Suggestions?

Your comment and suggestions about the services provided at Cedars Medical Centre, and how we can help, are warmly welcomed, as they influence future decisions.

Please put your suggestions in our suggestion box in reception.

Please note: we do not deal with complaints, such issues should be addressed to the Practice Manager, Olga Luckett,