Proxy Access

Giving another person access to your GP online services

Did you know that you can choose to give another person access to your online services on your behalf? You don’t need to know how to use these services or have a computer yourself to give another person access.

Please note, Cedars Medical Centre only allows medical record access to those aged over 16, where consent has been given.

Who can have access?

You choose who you want to give access to. This could be your carer, partner, parent or another family member. You can also give access to more than one person. Giving access to another person is your choice. No-one can go and ask for access to your online services without your permission.

How to apply

Please ask for a Proxy form at any of our reception desk. ID, patient consent or proof of Lasting Power of Attorney will be required for over 16’s requesting record access.

Things to consider before giving another person access

  • Is there any information in your records you would not like anyone to see or know about?
  • Can you trust the person to keep your information safe and not share it with others or use it without your permission?
  • Is anyone forcing you into sharing your online services with them or do you think someone could force you to share it with them? If so, we would advise that you do not give them access. If you have any concerns that someone has access to your online records without your permission, speak to your surgery and they can change your password or stop your online services
  • How long would you like your chosen person to have access for? This can be for a short time, for example when you are suffering from a certain illness and you need support with managing your health during that time. It can also be ongoing so they can help you for a long period of time. You can discuss this with the Practice.

Giving another person access to your GP online services Booklet

Protecting your GP online record Booklet